Welcome to the ASEE Mechanical Engineering Division!

The goal of this division is the advancement of education in all of its functions which pertain to mechanical engineering, including the processes of teaching and learning, research, professional interactions, extension services, and public relations.  Membership in the division is drawn from a wide variety of mechanical engineering sub-disciplines; members are affiliated with technical universities and community/junior colleges throughout this country and from abroad.  The Division strives to keep its members abreast of the current and relevant educational developments and trends while continuing to foster interest in mechanical engineering as a discipline.

ASEE 2022 Annual Conference

Congratulations to our 2022 award winners!
Left: J. Blake Hylton, 2022 ME Division Best Paper Co-author
(and 2021 Outstanding New Mechanical Eng. Educator)
Right: Joseph J. Rencis, 2022 Roe Award
Not pictured: Alexander De Rosa, 2022 Outstanding New Mechanical Eng. Educator

The ME News is published semi-annually, Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.  We are solicting articles, announcements and events that you wish to share with ASEE Mechanical Engineering Division! Content contributions may be submitted directly to the Newsletter Editor.

Looking for a way to serve your profession?  Please consider joining us at the Mechanical Engineering Division Business Meeting held during the Annual ASEE Conference each June.  During the meeting we will discuss the status of the division and nominate interested ASEE members for leadership positions within the division and on the Executive Committee.

What is mechanical engineering?  Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most broad fields of engineering.  Though many equate its emergence as a separate field of endeavor during the Industrial Revolution, it has in fact been around since the invention of early mechanisms thousands of years ago.  Mechanical engineers apply the fundamental principles of math, physics and materials science to analyze, design and maintain mechanical and mechatronic systems.  Within the broad field there are many sub-disciplines related to more specific study of materials engineering, bio-mechanical systems, aerospace and automotive engineering to name just a few.