Ralph Coats Roe Award

2022 Roe Award Winner: Joseph J. Rencis

Cofounder of Burns and Roe, Inc., Ralph Coats Roe was an avid investigator of better methods. He held nearly 50 patents generally relating to improvements for power plants and air conditioning. As recipient of the ASME George Westinghouse Gold Medal, Mr. Roe was cited for pioneering in the design and construction of highly efficient power plants and advanced desalting processes and for inspiring colleagues by great achievements through self education and highly sophisticated technologies
The Award: The award is sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Division and consists of a $10,000 honorarium, a plaque and travel expense reimbursement for attendance at the ASEE Annual Conference. The award is funded by an endowment provided by Burns and Roe, Inc. in honor of Kenneth A. Roe's distinguished father.
Qualifications: The award recognizes a mechanical engineering educator who is an outstanding teacher and who has made the following notable professional contributions:
1.  The professional contribution may be in any appropriate category including excellence in classroom and laboratory teaching; developing a significant technique or method of analysis, procedure or synthesis; causing learning to take place through contact with students; involving students and colleagues with innovative aspects of design through problems that are relevant to real life situations; conceiving an idea of great importance to the advancement of the engineering profession or engineering education; teaching, directing or conducting significant research; providing outstanding administrative leadership; creating an important invention; carrying out distinguished service and leadership to the college, the community, the nation or to mankind.
2.  Only mechanical engineering educators who are known for their excellence in teaching are eligible, and those nominated should have exhibited this outstanding performance for at least a decade.
3.  Except for in an emergency, the recipient must attend the Mechanical Engineering Division award ceremony at the ASEE Annual Conference.
4.  The recipient must be a full-time member of a college faculty and actively engaged in teaching at the time that the award winner is selected.
Nomination: Nominations may be made by any member of the Mechanical Engineering Division. The nominee need not be a member of the division or of ASEE.
All award nominations must be received at ASEE Headquarters no later than January 15th.
Nomination guidelines may be found at:   http://www.asee.org/member-resources/awards/guidelines/awards-nomination-guidelines

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