Bylaws of the Mechanical Engineering Division

    Adopted June, 1963
    Revised June, 1970
    Revised June, 1971
    Revised June 1974
    Revised June, 1978
    Revised Dec. 1989
    Revised June, 1990
    Revised November, 1990
    Revised June, 2002

    Revised June, 2011

A. Name


    The name of this unit shall be the Mechanical Engineering Division.




   The objectives of this unit are identical with the objectives of the Society as set out in the ASEE Constitution with emphasis on those objectives as they pertain to the field of Mechanical Engineering.


C. Membership


    The members of this unit shall be those members of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) who identify to ASEE their wish to be affiliated with the group each year and who pay the division dues.




    The unit shall be administered by an Executive Committee composed of the Chair, the Program Chair, the  Program Chair Elect, the Secretary/Treasurer, the Nominating Committee Chair, the Awards Committee Chair, the  Mechanical Engineering News Editor, and three elected Members at Large. 


The Chair shall represent the unit on the Council Board of the Professional Interest Council to which the unit has been assigned by the Society.




  1. The unit’s officers shall be:


Chair- Serving a term of one year and succeeding to the position of Nominating Committee Chair.

Program Chair- Serving a term of one year and succeeding to the position of Chair.

Program Chair Elect- Serving a term of one year and succeeding to the position of Program Chair.

Secretary/Treasurer- Serving a term of one year and succeeding to the position of Program Chair Elect.

Nominating Committee Chair - serving a term of one year.

Awards Committee Chair- the elected member of the Awards Committee with the most seniority and serving a term of one year.

Mechanical Engineering News Editor- appointed by the Executive Committee for a three-year term and may be reappointed.

Members at Large- the three elected members shall serve three-year terms, staggered so as to have one replaced each year.


  1. The Chair and other elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the unit’s business meeting conducted at the annual meeting of the Society. Appointed officers shall assume their duties upon appointment.


  1. In the event of the resignation or death of one of the members of the Executive Committee, a person appointed by vote of the Executive Committee shall fill the vacated office for the duration of the unexpired term.  An exception is if the vacated position is Chair. In this case, the Program Chair shall assume the duties of the Chair.




1.      The CHAIR shall:


2.      The PROGRAM CHAIR shall:

accordance with the unit’s objectives.


3.      The PROGRAM CHAIR ELECT shall:


4.      The SECRETARY/TREASURER shall:







7.      The Mechanical Engineering News Editor: shall:


8.      The MEMBERS AT LARGE shall:




  1. The Nominating Committee shall annually nominate one or more candidates for the following positions- Secretary/Treasurer, Member at Large and Member of the Awards Committee.


  1. Any member attending the annual meeting may make additional nominations, including self-nominations. These additional nominees shall be voted on along with the nominees selected by the Nominating Committee.


  1. Elections shall be conducted by written ballot among those members of the unit actually present at the annual business meeting.




  1. The Executive Committee shall establish such standing and ad hoc committees, as it deems necessary to carry out the activities of the unit.


  1.  At least two standing committees shall be maintained: the Nominating Committee and the Awards Committee.


  1. The Nominating Committee consists of the Immediate Past Chair, Chair and two members appointed by the Executive Committee.


  1. The Awards Committee consists of three elected members and three members appointed by the Executive Committee. The three elected members and the three appointed members shall serve staggered terms so that one elected member and one appointed member shall be replaced each year. The Awards Committee Chair shall be the elected member with the most seniority. The Awards Committee shall select recipients of unit awards in accordance with the provisions of each award and the procedures and policies established by the Executive Committee.





  1. An annual business meeting of the unit shall be held during the annual conference of the Society. Those members present at the meeting shall constitute a quorum. The business meeting shall include at least:


  1. The Executive Committee shall hold regular meetings during the annual conference of the Society and special meetings throughout the year as called by the Chair. Those members of the Executive Committee present at meetings of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.


  1. The Executive Committee may establish such other activities as deemed desirable to promote the objectives of the unit.


  1. All meetings of the unit are open to all interested persons. Only members of the Executive Committee, however, are eligible to vote on Executive Committee matters, and only members of the unit are eligible to vote on unit-wide matters, including the election of officers.




  1.  In accordance with Article VIII of the ASEE Constitution, papers and discussions presented at meetings of ASEE and the councils or groups therein shall become the property of ASEE and may be published as ASEE series, miscellaneous or occasional publications if authorized by the Board of Directors or its delegated representative. The ASEE Board of Directors, through its delegated representative, may grant permission to publish such papers and discussions elsewhere on condition that ASEE receive proper credit or may waive any property right ASEE may have in the paper or discussion. Papers not accepted for publication shall be returned to the authors and shall no longer be considered the property of the Society.


  1. The unit shall produce Mechanical Engineering News, an internet publication containing information useful to Mechanical Engineering Educators following the guidelines below:








  1. Amendments to these by-laws may be made at the annual business meeting of the unit, or by mail or e-mail ballot at any time during the year, upon affirmative vote by two-thirds of the members who vote. If e-mail balloting is used, those members who do not have e-mail addresses on their membership records shall be provided the opportunity to cast their vote by mail or fax. Only members of the unit may vote on proposed amendments to the by-laws.


  1. Proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be prepared by a committee of three unit members appointed by the unit Chair. Proposed amendments shall be sent to the full membership of the unit by letter or in the publications of the unit not less than 30 days before they are to be voted upon. Proposed amendments may also be sent to members by e-mail, providing that they are also sent by mail to those members who do not have an e-mail address on their membership records.


  1. Amendments approved by the division membership shall be submitted through the PIC I Chair for approval by majority vote of the ASEE Board of Directors and shall take effect only upon such approval.




  1. Any provision of these by-laws shall be deemed invalid if it contravenes the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society or of the Professional Interest Council (PIC) to which the unit belongs.


The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern this unit in all matters of parliamentary authority to which they are applicable and in which they are consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society and the By-Laws of this unit. In all other matters, the Constitution of the Society shall govern.